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Measures A to X and RR, Sorted by Theme

This year’s local ballot is a doozie. San Francisco voters will decide 25 measures and 11 candidate races.

Baffled by our local election letter jumble? The Public Press is here to help. We’ve organized the propositions by theme and alphabetically.

We’ll continue updating this guide through Election Day, Nov. 8, with new details on campaign spending and endorsements. Have questions about San Francisco measures? Email us or drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll do our best to provide the answers. Sign up here to receive email newsletter updates.

Check out our rundowns for candidates, and the organizations endorsing them, by selecting a local race from above. And scroll to the bottom of this page to see some other election guides that caught our eye.

City Hall Spending
Funding Infrastructure
Raising Taxes
Government Oversight
Balance of Power


$744 Million in Bonds for S.F. Schools
Raise and Extend City College Parcel Tax
$260 Million in Bonds for Affordable Housing
Limit Mayor’s Power to Fill Vacancies
Return Tree Maintenance to City Hall
Lower Voting Age to 16
Create ‘Department of Police Accountability’
Create ‘Public Advocate’ Watchdog
Create ‘Dignity Fund’ for Seniors, Disabled Adults
Fund Homeless Services and Transportation
Raise City Sales Tax
Give Supervisors More Say On Public Transit
Create Oversight for Agencies Tied to Mayor
Let Non-Citizen Parents Vote for School Board
Build Offices Faster in City’s Southeast
Change Bidding Rules for Affordable Housing
Outlaw Tent Encampments on Sidewalks
Create SFPD ‘Neighborhood Crime Unit’
Use Hotel Tax for Arts, Homeless Services
Restrict Lobbyists’ Contributions and Gifts
Raise Income Limits for Access to Affordable Housing
Tax Soda and Sugary Drinks
Raise Transfer Tax on Properties Above $5 Million
Save Community, Arts and Small Business Spaces
$3.5 Billion in Bonds to Maintain, Upgrade BART 


Other Guides

Are you on the hunt for additional insight, or researching races and propositions outside of San Francisco? Here are some other guides that have caught our eye:


Reporting and writing: Noah Arroyo, Hye-Jin Kim, Nadia Mishkin, Zachary Clark, Sara Bloomberg and Shinwha Whang

Illustrator: Anna Vignet

Senior Editor: Michael Winter

Copy Editor: Richard Knee