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“The mission of the San Francisco Public Press is to enrich civic life in San Francisco by delivering public-interest journalism to broad and diverse audiences through print and interactive media not supported by advertising.”

The San Francisco Public Press is a local nonprofit, noncommercial news organization that does for print and web journalism what public broadcasting has done for radio and television. Through our website and quarterly newspaper, and partnerships with other public media and civic groups, we report on local issues including environment, education, housing, homelessness, labor and elections, and frequently host public events. Since 2009 we have established a reputation in the community for producing high-impact in-depth reporting projects on a wide range of topics, explaining complex local policy issues in an accessible way, investigating problems and reporting on ideas for tangible solutions.

Our values:

  • We are a noncommercial publication and independent from corporate influence.
  • We question those in power and amplify voices from underserved communities.
  • We believe in bold storytelling, risk-taking and context-rich nonpartisan coverage that is free from political advocacy or institutional spin.
  • We are conveners, bringing together diverse communities to listen, learn and collaborate on ways to address problems and effect change.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Lila LaHood

Lila LaHood

San Francisco Public Press

Michael Stoll

Michael Stoll

Executive Director
San Francisco Public Press


Patricia Bovan Campbell

Patricia Bovan Campbell

Associate General Counsel and Senior Director

Kaizar Campwala

Kaizar Campwala

Entrepreneur in Residence
Al Jazeera

David Cohn

David Cohn

Senior Director
Advance Digital

Liz Enochs

Liz Enochs

Independent journalist


Neal Gorenflow

Neal Gorenflo


Kari Harsel

Kari Harsel Gray

Outreach Coordinator
JVS San Francisco

Holly Million

Holly Million

Founder and Executive Director
Artists United

Peter Scheer

Peter Scheer

Former Director
First Amendment Coalition


Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson

Partnerships Editor
Noah Arroyo

Noah Arroyo

Assistant Editor
Daphne Magnawa

Daphne Magnawa

Director of Membership & Community

Michael Winter

Senior Editor



Contributing Editors


Amanda Hickman


Copy Editors


Richard Knee



Dean Takehara




Kevin Stark

Andrew Stelzer


Rob Waters




Judith Calson


Yesica Prado


Sharon Wickham



Director of Design

HyunJu Chappell/Magna Citizen Studio




Reid Brown


Anna Vignet

Web Design & Production

John Angelico

Amit Asaravala


Andrea Carla Michaels


Lyndal Cairns


George Koster






Mark Hedin

Aaron Kingon

Bill Schwalb



A quarterly magazine exploring nature in the San Francisco Bay Area, dedicated to educating residents about, and celebrating the beauty of, the surrounding natural world.

The thinking person's talk radio show, focused on Bay Area issues and listener participation.

The nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum bringing over 400 annual events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy to 15,000 members.

News of the world environment; quarterly magazine combines investigative journalism and thought-provoking essays that make the subtle but profound connections between the environment and other contemporary issues.

El Tecolote is a bilingual, biweekly newspaper serving San Francisco's Mission District since 1970.

A daily radio news magazine exploring context, culture and connection from around the Bay Area. Tune in: 91.7 FM.

Listener sponsored free speech radio.

KQED has served Northern California for more than 50 years and is affiliated with NPR and PBS. KQED Public Television 9; KQED Plus public television; KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM.

Live call-in program presenting wide-ranging discussions of local, state, national and international issues, as well as in-depth interviews.

U.C. Berkeley student-led newsroom covering the Mission District neighborhood in print and online.

Nonpartisan, nonprofit media and capacity-building organization that promotes civic engagement and discourse on local issues that matter.

A think tank informing & improving public policy through independent, objective, non-partisan research.

A trusted source of engaging and insightful San Francisco news which consistently delivers unique local content.

Non-profit online magazine about the shareable world.

The World Affairs Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to engage the public in the exploration of issues and opportunities that transcend borders.


The San Francisco Public Press is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funded by donations from the public, community foundations and institutions focused on journalism and civic engagement.

Primary funder of the Public Press since 2009 - Philanthropic community foundation for the Bay Area. sff.org

Fund for Investigative Journalism supports investigative reporting projects around the world. fij.org

The Mother Jones Fund of the Peace and Development Fund recognizes that all of the issues our planet faces are ultimately linked to each other. It supports large and small groups in the United States and abroad working on a wide range of social issues. peacedevelopmentfund.org

The Institute for Nonprofit News provides education and business support services to our nonprofit member organizations and promotes the value and benefit of public-service and investigative journalism. inn.org

A donor-advised fund that maintains the John J. O'Neill Family Foundation Fund. fjc.org

Our mission is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. irvine.org



Media Reformer and Publisher Members

The Cindy and Eric Arbanovella Fund ● Patricia Bovan Campbell ● David and Megan Cohn ● Mark and Suzanne Colodny ● Credo Restaurant ● Donald M. Davis ● Kari Gray ● Jake Donham and Katherine Hodge ● Derek Kerr ● Lila LaHood ● Michael LaHood and Elizabeth Pontikes ● Patricia and Rowland Rebele ● Laurie Schecter ● Peter Scheer ● Corey Stoll ● Judith and Stephen Stoll Family Fund

Editor Members

Lee Azus ● Norman Clevenger ● Edward and Yukari Franzwa ● Lawrence Groo ● Don H. ● Marge Harburg ● Richard and Sarah Hardy ● Jerry Cain and Scott James ● Anthony King ● Christine Chapon and Alan Korman ● David Cay Johnston and Jennifer Leonard ● Mack  Lundstrom ● Victor Makras ● Nate Parsons ● Lydia Chavez and Mark Rabine ● Susan Stark ● Ann King Somerville and Zach Stewart ● Lawrence Wilkinson ● Tom Honig and Louise Yarnall ● Julia Young

Columnist Members

Barbara and Richard Asche ● Laurie Barkin ● Emily Beaver ● Jean Bogiages ● Umbreen Bhatti and Kaizar Campwala ● Richard Champion ● Lloyd and Theresa Colombini ● Richard DeLeon ● Neal Gorenflo ● Marquita Bedway and Alger LaHood ● Jennifer Loomis ● Christin Evans and Praveen Madan ● Charley Marsteller ● Leslie Guevarra and Richard Pestorich ● Amy Resnick ● Michael Schaps ● Karen Schulkin ● Yves Averous and Marc Smolowitz ● Tracy Grubbs and Richard Taylor ● Glen Van Lehn  and Teresa Welborn

Beat Reporter Members

Anonymous ● Peter Barnes ● Stella Barton ● Berit Baumberger ● Jaina Bee ● Keri Bourzac ● Bruce and Jean Brugmann ● Anna Budayr ● Jennifer Cray ● Kevin Davis ● Phyllis Deets ● Liz Enochs ● Lawrence Ferlinghetti ● Jennifer Dunlop Fletcher ● Moritz Fliedner ● Julia Gallyot ● Gregor Gentschev ● William B. Grant ● Catherine Hagan ●

Sue Hestor ● Carlin Holden ● Marguerite Hutchinson ● Adnan and Amy Iftekhar ● Guy Johnson ● Ambika Kandasamy ● Jenni Klose ● Joshua Koltun ● Dr. Matthew Kuchta ● Gina Lagomarsino ● Mary Anne LaHood ● Michael Larsen ● Vicki Leidner ● Marie Libeson ● Jeffrey Johnson and Jaime Lockwood ● Harold Looby ● Robert Lowrey ● Andy Lynch ● Roger Macdonald ● Daphne Magnawa ● Vee Mahoney ● Kevin and Pamela McKean ● Betty Medsger ● Mark and Sara Meltzer ● Geri Migielicz ● Holly Million ● Herbert F. Mintz II ● Carmen Monedero ● Miranda Morris ● David Keenan and Alice Mosley ● John and Sara O'Neill ● Lea Park ● Jill Patton ● Fran Petris ● Patrick Reilly, Esq. ● Rhoda Goldman Plaza ● Kristina Rizga ● Michael Siani-Rose ● Doniece  Sandoval ● Reiko Ando and Eric Schoenman ● Jane Shabaker ● Stephen Silha ● Ellen Spertus ● P-R Stark ● Ivy Marsh and Frank Stoll ● Eric Talbert ● Diane Tate ● Lisa Tehrani ● Tina Chiu and Jonathan Toma ● Kimberly Christensen and Richard Tsai ● Joe Vassallo ● Luis Villa ● Laura Wenus ● Jamie Whitaker ● JoAnn Yates ● Scott Zimmermann

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Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel ● Holly Allen ● Michele Anderson ● Joyce Ashizawa-Yee ● Cristina Azocar ● Jake Barlow ● Rita Beamish ● Charles Belov ● Louis Bryan ● Lisa Burger ● Raymond Buscemi ● Camille Campbell ● Pete Carey ● Justin Chen ● Darren Choi ● Linda Christenson ● Chris Clayman ● Bradley Cleveland ● Julie Connery ● Clarice Corell ● Aaron Cowdin ● Jonté Craighead ● Catherine De Heer ● Judy and Thomas Dunworth ● Empower Together Consulting ● Alexia Aubault and Joe Eskenazi ● Lawrence   Goldzband ● Deborah Gordon ● Roma Guy ● Dan Harder ● Elyce Haut ● Amanda Hickman ● Frank Holland ● Maryann Hrichak ● Amy Huang ● Lewis Hurwitz ● Karina Ioffee ● Patty Jaundzems ● Jeffrey Johnson ● Paul Kagawa ● Jo Ellen Kaiser ● Joshua Kalven ● Yukari Kane ● Dorothy Kidd ● Jordan Klein ● Carolyn and Richard Knee ● Theresa LaMay ● Rosa Lara-Fernandez ● Erika Lawson ● Jean Lindgren ● Donna and  Marty Mackowski ● Sasha Magee ● Ellen Manchester ● Eduardo Martinez ● Luisa Mockler ● Brian McKeever and Janet Monaghan ● Laura Moorhead ● Jo Marie Munnich ● Mabel Ng ● Terry Norbury ● Henry Norr ● Mary Catherine O'Connor ● Cherilyn Oshiro ● Kylie Owen ● Jennifer and Jerome Perarnaud ● Yvonne Pingue ● Rebecca Pontikes ● Michael Poplardo ● Jason Prado ● Clare Prowse ● Elizabeth Rapp ● William Robb ● Katia Asche and Matt Rocker ● Karen Rodgers ● Glenn Rogers ● Debra Derickson and Leslie Rosenbaum ● Seth Rosenfeld ● Richard Rothman ● Elisabeth Rubinfien ● San  Francisco Public Library ● Dinah Sanders ● Rahmin Sarabi ● Lisa Schiff ● Elizabeth Schiller ● Felisa Preskill and Zachary Scholz ● Henrike Siemen ● Ryan Singel ● Jackson Solway ● Tom Stites ● John Swartley ● Mona Tekchandani ● Jason Tester ● Timothy ● Emre Titizer ● Sarah Tribble ● John Upton ● Giselle Velazquez ● David Watterson ● Jerad Weiner ● Rina Weisman ● Steven Weiss ● Leon Barnard and Shinwha Whang ● Selma Wilson ● Bruce Wolfe ● Sonya Worthy ● Danny Yadegar ● Yao Yue

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Kevin Adler ● Gina and Tyler Alioto ● Justin Allen ● Jean Amos ● Sunny Angulo ● Anonymous ● Yosh Asato ● Sarah Asch ● Stephany Ashley ● Mark Backman ● David Baker ● Brigitte Bakr ● Justin Balenzuela ● Marcia Basalla ● John Beebe ● Arrigo Benedetti ● Josh Benjamin ● Zachary Benjamin ● Jonathan Berkeley ● Christopher Berry ● Chirag Bhakta ● Leigh Biddlecome ● Meredith Blasingame ● Christopher Block ● Anne Bluethenthal ● Terezie Bohrer ● Eugenia Bowman ● Es Braziel ● Victoria Brill ● Bob Burnside ● Larry Bush ● Dr. & Mrs. Florencio Cabrera ● Judith Calson ● Ann Campbell ● Lage Carlson ● Chris Carlsson ● Caroline Caselli ● Natalie Champion ● Mark Champion ● Nick Chapman ● Tina Chiang ● Maya Chupkov ● Laura Close ● Alison Cohen ● Audrey Cole ● Cameron Conaway ● Daniel and Molly Cooper ● K. Bartholomew and A. Cramer ● Jennelle Crothers ● Rossana Cuellar ● James Custer ● Catherine Degraw ● Avni Desai ● Jon Diamond ● John Diehl ● Erin Diehm ● Emmy Diep ● Peter Dragovich ● Rishika Dugyala ● Carlee Duncan ● Charles Durrett ● Twila Ehmcke ● Scott Ellsworth ● Adam Elman ● Jim Enochs ● J.R. Eppler ● Alice Estrup ● Dawn Evinger ● Aron Faegre ● Kevin Fagan ● Ted Fay ● Jane Felice ● Sara Fewer ● Ken Fisher ● Julienne Fisher ● Folio ● Allegra Fortunati ● Amanda Fried ● Jennifer  Friedenbach ● Christian Gainsley ● Lisa Galli ● Anya Gandelman ● Daren Garshelis ● Jeff Gibson ● Marisa Giller ● Gail Gilman ● Francisca Gilmore ● Mark Glaser ● Judy Goddess ● Cole Goins ● Jonathan Goldman ● Francine Goodwin ● Nato Green ● David Greene ● Justine Gubar ● Andrew Gunther ● Priya Gupta ● Jenna Simon-Halai ● Joe Havel ● Steven Hendrix ● Olivia Henry ● Christopher Heriot ● Patrick Hillas ● Jay Hirschton ● Christopher Ho ● Brant Houston ● Vanessa Hua ● Susan Hutchison ● Oliver Iberien ● Vivian Imperiale ● Anil Jacob ● Marie Jobling ● Linda Jue ● Lisa Kadyk ● Joel Kamisher ● Hannah Kaplan ● Diane Keaton ● Patrick Kennedy ● Michael Keough ● Laurel Kilgour ● Brendan Kirkpatrick ● Angela Knotts ● Stephen Koch ● Jeff Kositsky ● Alfie Kulzick ● Joanne Ladolcetta ● Monica Lam ● Jennifer Lane ● Denise Stavis Levine ● June Lin ● Linda Linn ● Joanne Liou ● Genevieve Lucas-Conwell ● Paul Lufkin ● Susannah Luthi ● Lauren MacGuidwin ● Patrick Maley ● Edward Mason ● Nina Rose Mayer ● Marianne McCarthy ● Paul McCarthy ● Robert McClure ● Erika McDonald ● Peter McElroy ● Rob McLean ● John McManus ● Mechanics' Institute ● Michael Melez ● Matt Menezes ● Lora Menter ● Ann and Pete Mercurio ● Natalie Metzger-Smit ● Andrea Carla Michaels ● Sarah Minick ● Virginia Moorhead ● Brenna Moorhead ● Natasha Morris ● Prashanth Mundkur ● Dawn Nakano ● Jesse Nathan ● Alicia Neumann ● Mary Nicholson ● Cornelius Nilmeier ● Genevieve Nowicki ● Marianne Oest ● Uzuri Pease-Greene ● Chris Perrius ● Jillian Pfund ● Veronica Pitbladdo ● Frank Ploof ● Megan Prelinger ● John Purdie ● Robert Rogers ● Beth Rosales ● Jocelyn Ross ● Yassen Roussev ● Bill Ruck ● Caroline Sayre ● Maritza Schafer ● Tristan Schnetzler ● Adam Schweigert ● Joseph Sciarrillo ● Eleanor Selfridge-Field ● Kai Seymour ● Jeff Shaw ● Sheryl-Lyn Shelley ● Guybe Slangen ● Hitesh Soneji ● Danny Spitzberg ● Ande Stone ● Brad Straw ● Dana Taylor ● David Tejeda ● Ruth Thomas-Squance ● Adrian Tirtanadi ● Julie Trachtenberg ● Lenine Umali ● Peter Vahle ● Mark Valentine ● Charlotte von Hemert ● Eileen Wampole ● Clare Watsky ● Mary Whitten ● Denese and  Tom Willey ● Joshua Wilson ● Jay Wilson ● Joseph Wirt ● Sue Yerou ● David Zebker ● Olga Zilberbourg