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S.F. Propositions by Theme

Housing and Development

$260 Million in Bonds for Affordable Housing

The city would redirect unused bond authority to help pay for affordable housing.

Build Offices Faster in the City’s Southeast

A mega-project in Bayview-Hunters Point would be exempt from a citywide development limits.

Change Bidding Rules for Affordable Housing

City Hall would have to solicit more bids for affordable housing projects.

Raise Income Limits for Affordable Housing

Some affordable housing would become available to middle- and upper-income earners.

Save Community, Arts, Small Business Spaces

Developers would have to replace these operating spaces after demolishing them.

City Hall Spending

Return Tree Maintenance to City Hall

City Hall would re-assume responsibility for maintaining trees and surrounding sidewalks.

Create ‘Dignity Fund’ for Seniors, Disabled Adults

Every year, City Hall would spend a minimum amount of money on these purposes.

Funds for Homelessness and Public Transportation

Every year, City Hall would spend a minimum amount of money on these purposes.

Use Hotel Tax for Arts, Homeless Services

The allocations would increase over time.

Funding Infrastructure

$744 Million in Bonds for S.F. Schools

This would pay for building new schools, rehabilitating facilities and more.

$3.5 Billion in Bonds to Maintain, Upgrade BART

This regional measure would raise money to rehabilitate and update BART.

Raising Taxes

Raise and Extend City College Parcel Tax

The tax will otherwise expire in 2021.

Raise City’s Sales Tax

San Francisco’s sales and use tax would rise by 0.75 percent, to 9.25 percent.

Tax Soda and Sugary Drinks

The tax would occur at the point of distribution to markets and restaurants.

Raise Transfer Tax on Properties over $5 Million

The tax would kick in when real estate changed owners.


Outlaw Tent Encampments on Sidewalks

Tents could not be confiscated unless other housing was immediately available.

Create SFPD ‘Neighborhood Crime Unit’

The new unit would focus entirely on crimes like break-ins, theft and vandalism.

Government Oversight

Create ‘Department of Police Accountability’

The agency would be empowered to audit SFPD and look into alleged officer misconduct.

Create ‘Public Advocate’ Watchdog

The new agency would be charged with holding City Hall accountable to citizens.

Balance of Power

Limit Mayor’s Power to Fill Vacancies

The mayor’s appointees would serve shortened terms, and would have to wait to run again.

Give Supervisors More Say Over Transit Agency

Some of their new power would shift from the mayor.

Create Oversight for Agencies Tied to the Mayor

Those two agencies would be accountable to a new, appointed commission.


Lower Voting Age

16- and 17-year-olds could vote in local elections.

Let Non-Citizen Parents Vote for School Board

Only parents of public school students could vote.

Restrict Lobbyists’ Gifts and Contributions

Lobbyists also could not “bundle” personal contributions from other people.