The Skinny on S.F. — City’s Men Leanest in U.S., Study Finds


Runners in the San Francisco Marathon helps make San Francisco one of the most active and skinny counties in the country. Creative Commons image by Flickr user

By Kelly O’Mara and Olivia Hubert-Allen, KQED News Fix

It turns out it’s not just your imagination that the Bay Area is full of skinny, active people.

A study released in July  from  the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington measured the rates of activity, obesity and longevity county-by-county across the country. The Bay Area found itself at the top of the list, particularly the men of San Francisco and the women of Marin County.

According to the data, San Francisco had the fewest number of obese men among its population, at just 18.3% — well ahead of runner-up New York, at 19.1%. But San Francisco women were just the seventh-skinniest in the country, with 20.9% of the population showing up as obese. Marin County women also cracked the top 10, with  a 21.1% obesity rate. But both counties’ women fell behind the female population of Falls Church City, VA, at 17.6%.

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