Renters vs. Veritas

Veritas Investments Inc. claims to be San Francisco’s largest landlord. It says it owns more than 230 rent-controlled buildings, many that were purchased from the infamous Lembi Group, the city’s previous king of landlords that wound up bankrupt after the 2008 housing bust.

Veritas tenants have sued the $3 billion corporation, accusing it of trying to boost profits by renovating vacated units for newcomers — overwhelmingly “young techies” from out of state, the CEO has said — while neglecting longtime renters’ living conditions. Veritas denies the allegations, saying that it responds to tenant complaints quickly and that the work is needed to preserve and enhance these aging structures.

Attempts to thoroughly vet many of these claims face major obstacles, among them the city’s disjointed records system, and Veritas’ practice of buying properties through opaque proxy companies.

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Key Stories

S.F.’s Largest Landlord Sued Over Alleged Efforts to Push Out Tenants

Activists stage a protest against Veritas. Tenants accuse the company of building a business model that relies on pushing tenants out of rent-controlled units so they can be re-rented for much more.

Published Oct 4 2018

Searching for Truth in Tenants’ Lawsuit Against S.F. Corporate Landlord

A major lawsuit against Veritas expands to include more than 100 tenants in 39 buildings. For the first time, the company responds directly to the charges on the record.

Published Mar 12 2019

Sued by Tenants, Veritas Says it Maintains ‘High Standards’

Excerpts from a Q/A with Veritas company spokesman Ron Heckmann.

Published Mar 18 2019

Noah Arroyo Discusses Veritas Lawsuit on ‘Your Call’

Our assistant editor went on the air to talk about his reporting.

Published April 5 2019

Coming Soon

Check back for another installment in this unfolding storyline.

Coming Soon

Check back for another installment in this unfolding storyline.

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