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Walgreens and Rx company disagreement leaves pharmacy customers in the lurch

By Jon Brooks, KQED News Fix

I get all my prescriptions at Walgreens. When late last year it started slipping in with my meds these little notices urging me to call Anthem Blue Cross because of some pricing dispute, along with sending me warning letters that I'd better switch all my prescriptions to a non-Walgreens because Anthem's Rx contracter was severing its relationship with them, I told my wife, and I quote:

"Never gonna happen. Just posturing during the negotations."

And thus ended my career as a pharmaceutical-sector financial analyst. KQED's Sarah Varney explains on our State of Health blog:

"As of January 1, Californians who go to Walgreens to get their prescriptions filled may have been in for a surprise. Because of a contract dispute between Walgreens, the nation’s largest drugstore chain, and the company that manages prescriptions for Anthem Blue Cross health insurance, many customers will have to find a new pharmacy."

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