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SF sewers and emergency infrastructure could get an upgrade

It’s no secret: San Francisco’s infrastructure is aging. A pair of proposals in the news this week might fix problems with how the city deals with one piece of that puzzle: water.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported on a “green” landscaping law that would force developers to make at least half of front yards rainwater permeable with either in-ground plantings, interlocking pavers or other porous material. The ordinance, which the Board of Supervisors passed unanimously Tuesday, is designed to reduce the strain of excess rainwater on the city’s sewer system. Mayor Gavin Newsom, who proposed the ordinance, is expected to sign it into law.
On Tuesday SF Appeal elaborated on a $412 million earthquake safety measure on the June 8 San Francisco ballot. The money from the proposed measure would go into retrofitting aging neighborhood public safety facilities, such as fire stations, and upgrade the emergency water system.
Proposition B (See: “election quick guide”), the Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond, funds a variety of projects. An Associated Press article on SF Gate Tuesday reported that $104 million of the bond would go to improving deteriorating pipes, hydrants, reservoirs and water cisterns built after the 1906 earthquake. The remaining $308 million would go to building new seismically safe police and fire buildings.
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