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THANK YOU from the San Francisco Public Press

From all of us at the Public Press, thank you for your encouragement and engagement. Every time we hear from one of our readers, it reminds us that our watchdog reporting efforts are appreciated.

We are especially grateful for all the financial support we’ve received from you this year. Member contributions are a cornerstone of our funding model and essential to sustaining our newsroom operations. Thank you for supporting in-depth, public-interest journalism in San Francisco.

The Fine PrintWith your support over the past year, the Public Press has brought you stories that no other news outlet in San Francisco is delivering. By digging into public records, we've uncovered stories about minimum wage violations and the efficacy of workforce development programs in San Francisco, as well as the challenges of enforcing California's newly implemented cap-and-trade policies. Our next project, looking into the impact of parent fundraising in San Francisco's public schools, is underway.

If you’re not a current member, now is a great time to join or renew. Make a donation of $100 or more before the new year, and as a thank-you gift we will send you a copy of “The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use ‘Plain English’ to Rob You Blind” by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author David Cay Johnston. In the book, David investigates how phone and cable companies get away with charging customers more by incrementally adding hidden fees to utility bills. Last year we published an excerpt — How the Profits Upkeep Commission Helps PG&E Pick Your Pocket — which you can read on our website. 

David also happens to be a longtime supporter and member of the San Francisco Public Press. He says, “I contribute to the Public Press because San Francisco needs serious journalism about issues that affect the quality of life.”

We hope you agree. Support the Public Press by making a donation today.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Public Press!