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Issue 17: Summer 2015

The Bay Area's waterfront building frenzy includes at least $21B in housing and commercial construction in low-lying areas that climate scientists say could flood by the end of the century. 

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Issue 16: Winter 2015

Despite their aspirations and efforts, San Francisco schools are increasingly segregated. Last school year, a single racial group formed a majority at six out of 10 schools. Our investigation tries to find out why. 

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Issue 15: Fall 2014

Attempts to alleviate homelessness with subsidized supportive housing are not keeping pace with growing demand. Reforms could give those waiting for a room an idea of when they might get off the streets or out of a shelter. 

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Issue 14: Summer 2014

This experiment with solutions journalism paired reporting with the Hack the Housing Crisis conference to explore innovative ideas for keeping rents down and adding more housing while preserving San Francisco’s diverse communities and cultures. 

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Issue 13: Winter 2014

Reporters examined tax records from PTAs and data from the city’s public schools. While fundraising helped a small number of elementary schools avoid the worst effects of recent budget cuts, belts continued to tighten at schools with more economically disadvantaged students. 

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Issue 12: Fall 2013

San Francisco spends more than ever on job training, placement subsidies and a slew of supportive services. Is this effectively boosting employment? For many programs it is hard to say, because the system is so fragmented. 

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Issue 11: Summer 2013

Regional efforts are taking aim at limiting greenhouse gas emissions. California’s cap-and-trade market promises major reductions. But loopholes abound. 

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Issue 10: Spring 2013

Under San Francisco’s 10-year-old minimum wage law the city recovered back wages for only a fraction of workers cheated by their bosses while technically the city boasted the highest minimum wage is the nation. 

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Issue 9: Winter 2013

Thousands of homes in San Francisco are more vulnerable to earthquakes because of delays in mandatory retrofitting. Before this report was published, many landlords and tenants did not know their homes were among those needing upgrades. 

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Issue 8: Fall 2012

An investigation into San Francisco’s uneven response to domestic violence exposed holes in the tracking of criminal cases and a declining rate of prosecution for abuse within the home. 

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Issue 7: Summer 2012

Regional planners hope to make more of the Bay Area like San Francisco — walkable, BARTable and energy efficient. But “smart growth” is facing resistance from cities, and financial pressure from the cash-strapped state. 

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Issue 6: Spring 2012

State budget cuts and unsteady leadership have hindered local law enforcement agencies and nonprofits trying to stop human trafficking. But signs of better coordination are emerging. 

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Issue 5: Winter 2011

Under the Healthy San Francisco program — the city’s attempt at local universal health care — quality of the care is great. But with uncertain funding and high hidden costs maintaining the program is a challenge. 

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Issue 4: Fall 2011

San Francisco’s budgeting process is broken. In a time of fiscal austerity, many city departments ignore audits that could save millions of dollars. Includes a take on the “participatory budgeting” trend. 

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Issue 3: Spring 2011

Half of Bay Area newspaper jobs evaporated in the past decade. What caused the media meltdown? Can tech media startups make up for what's been lost?


Issue 2: Fall 2010

A report on Muni’s elusive quest for on-time service. The issue also includes stories on obstacles to reviving the city’s Mid-Market neighborhood, and a choose-your-own-adventure graphic on the future of Pier 70 redevelopment. 

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Issue 1: Summer 2010

Report on the environmental and logistical challenges of adding thousands of new housing units to transform Treasure Island into an eco-enclave. Featuring an investigation into Macy’s selling doctored gems without proper labeling. 

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