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The San Francisco Public Press is a local nonprofit, noncommercial news organization that does for print and Web journalism what public broadcasting has done for radio and television. We publish a website and quarterly newspaper, and partner with other public media and civic groups on reporting and convening public events.

Since 2009 we have established a reputation in the community for producing high-impact in-depth reporting projects on a wide range of topics. Our teams of seasoned journalists explain complex local policy issues in an accessible way, investigating problems and reporting on ideas for tangible solutions.   » More

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Board of Directors

Lila LaHood

Lila LaHood


San Francisco Public Press

Michael Stoll

Michael Stoll

Executive Director

San Francisco Public Press

Patricia Bovan Campbell

Patricia Bovan Campbell

Principal and Executive Director, Law Offices of Bovan-Campbell

David Cohn

David Cohn

Executive Producer, AJ+

Liz Enochs

Liz Enochs

Senior editor, Charles Schwab

Neal Gorenflow

Neal Gorenflo

Founder, Shareable

Kari Harsel

Kari Harsel

Program Director, Impact Hub Bay Area

Tom Honig

Tom Honig

Former Editor, Santa Cruz Sentinel

Maryann Hrichak

Maryann Hrichak

International Project & Operations Manager

Marc Smolowitz

Marc Smolowitz

Independent filmmaker

Senior Staff

Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson

Print Edition Editor

Jason Winshell

Jason Winshell

Photo Editor

Erika Rae Langond

Erika Rae Langdon

Director of Design

Shinwha Whang

Shinwha Whang

Membership Manager

Lyndal Cairns

Lyndal Cairns

Communications Manager

Eric Lawson

Eric Lawson

Operations Manager




Project Editor

Noah Arroyo

Assistant News Editors

Liz Enochs

Kristine Magnuson

Josh Wilson

Copy Editors

Bonnie Eslinger


Richard Knee


Mack Lundstrom


Dean Takehara



Katherine Bourzac

Cori Brosnahan

Nathan Collins

Harry Gibbons

Barbara Grady

Angela Hart

Alex Kekauoha

Emily Mibach

Robin Ngai

Rebecca Rosen Lum

Justin Slaughter

Jeremy Adam Smith

Victor C. Valle

Evelyn Wang

Lisa Weinzimer

Josh Wolf

Paayal Zaveri



Dan Archer

Jeff Walker



Tearsa Joy Hammock

Steve Rhodes

Luke Thomas

Design & Illustration

Jaena Rae Cabrera

Anna Vignet

Brooke Ginnard

Web Producers

Jordan Iseri

Michael Iseri


Darin Jensen

Mike Jones


Andrea Carla Michaels


George Koster

Glenn Nyhan

Cherilyn Parsons

Mark Posth

Kristen Skalin

Jeffrey Thorsby

Max Rosenblum


Mark Hedin

Adam Shapiro

Wil Stevens


A quarterly magazine exploring nature in the San Francisco Bay Area, dedicated to educating residents about, and celebrating the beauty of, the surrounding natural world.

Newspaper of the Tenderloin and west SoMa neighborhoods of San Francisco.

The thinking person's talk radio show, focused on Bay Area issues and listener participation.

The nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum bringing over 400 annual events on topics ranging across politics, culture, society and the economy to 15,000 members.

News of the world environment; quarterly magazine combines investigative journalism and thought-provoking essays that make the subtle but profound connections between the environment and other contemporary issues.

El Tecolote is a bilingual, biweekly newspaper serving San Francisco's Mission District since 1970.

A daily radio news magazine exploring context, culture and connection from around the Bay Area. Tune in: 91.7 FM.

Listener sponsored free speech radio.

KQED has served Northern California for more than 50 years and is affiliated with NPR and PBS. KQED Public Television 9; KQED Plus public television; KQED Public Radio 88.5 FM.

Live call-in program presenting wide-ranging discussions of local, state, national and international issues, as well as in-depth interviews.

U.C. Berkeley student-led newsroom covering the Mission District neighborhood in print and online.

A nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting.

The country's first and largest national collaboration of 3,000 ethnic news organizations.

Nonpartisan, nonprofit media and capacity-building organization that promotes civic engagement and discourse on local issues that matter.

A think tank informing & improving public policy through independent, objective, non-partisan research.

A trusted source of engaging and insightful San Francisco news which consistently delivers unique local content.

Non-profit online magazine about the shareable world.

The World Affairs Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to engage the public in the exploration of issues and opportunities that transcend borders.


The San Francisco Public Press is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization funded by donations from the public, community foundations and institutions focused on journalism and civic engagement.

Primary funder of the Public Press since 2009 - Philanthropic community foundation for the Bay Area. sff.org

Fund for Investigative Journalism supports investigative reporting projects around the world. fij.org

The Mother Jones Fund of the Peace and Development Fund recognizes that all of the issues our planet faces are ultimately linked to each other. It supports large and small groups in the United States and abroad working on a wide range of social issues. peacedevelopmentfund.org

The Institute for Nonprofit News provides education and business support services to our nonprofit member organizations and promotes the value and benefit of public-service and investigative journalism. inn.org

A donor-advised fund that maintains the John J. O'Neill Family Foundation Fund. fjc.org

Our mission is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a vibrant, successful and inclusive society. irvine.org



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