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Supes on: the budget

From the minutiae to the big picture, members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors discuss aspects of the city's budget crisis in their own words.   Part of the community-funded City Budget Watchdog series.


Mar advocates ‘a people’s budget’

  Although San Francisco’s city budget was passed in July, District 1
Supervisor Eric Mar says he believes taking a more fundamental
process to passing it is in order.

Posted on Sept. 10 2009


 ‘There needs to be more dialogue’

  District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell discusses her views on
  budget reform, public safety and communication with the mayor's

Posted on Aug. 13 2009


 ‘Lowest-income workers took greatest hit in the budget’

  District 11 Supervisor John Avalos addresses community organizing
  and his frustrations with the budget process.

  Posted on Aug. 4 2009


  ‘Our side allowed the mayor to get what they wanted’

  While "delighted" that the supervisors were able to "extract"
  $45 million from the budget, District 5 Supervisor Ross
  Mirkarimi is still unhappy with the budget process as a whole.

Posted on July 10 2009


  ‘Debate between public health vs. safety is a false choice’

  District 9 Supervisor David Campos speaks about his approach to
  tackling the multimillion-dollar budget deficit.              

Posted on July 6 2009


  ‘Cutbacks are fiscal armageddon’

  A harsh critic of Mayor Newsom, District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly
  argues that the mayor’s political allegiances have trumped the
  needs of the city.

Posted on June 25 2009