State Sen. Scott Wiener: “I Push the Envelope” on Housing, Criminal Justice, LGBT Rights


Scott Wiener. Photo by Laura Wenus // Public Press

In the final episode in our series of interviews with the candidates running for state senate, current State Senator Scott Wiener discusses his legislative record in areas ranging from housing policy to conservatorship to criminal justice reform.
The primary for this race happens March 3, with the final election in November. Rather than have parties vote to advance their own top candidates, voting for state-level seats in California takes place across party lines: The top two vote-getters at the primary move on to the general election, even if both candidates have the same party designation.

“I push the envelope, whether it’s on housing, whether it’s on criminal justice reform, whether it is on civil rights, whether it is, you know, protecting the LGBT community from the abuse of sex offender registry and the criminalization of our community. … I had the political space to do it. And I felt like I had an obligation to pass those kinds of bills.” — Scott Wiener


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