Republican Business Tax Attorney Seeks State Assembly Seat


John McDonnell. Photo by Laura Wenus // Public Press.

John McDonnell is a business and tax attorney born and raised in San Francisco. He’s running to challenge State Assemblyman Phil Ting for the seat for District 19, which covers western San Francisco. McDonnell outlines his perspectives on education, housing, criminal justice reform, and how taxation and inequality intersect.
This is the primary election for this seat, in which the top two vote-getters go on to compete in November. Since McDonnell and Ting are the only candidates in the race, they will compete then.

“We are complaining about income inequality, but we’re not going to chase Google, Apple and Facebook out of California, but we are going to chase out a lot of the middle income areas. So we’re left with a low-income struggling base and a very high-income group of CEOs. It’s those companies like Dole or Toyota or many others that leave and take a lot of those middle-class jobs with them.” — John McDonnell

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