Protesters Say Change Is Possible — if Political Momentum Lasts


More than 1,000 people marched Tuesday along the Great Highway, in San Francisco’s Sunset District, in protest over the killing of George Floyd. Brian Howey / San Francisco Public Press

The police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has sparked demonstrations across the county and around the world. “Civic” interviewed marchers in San Francisco to find out why they were there, and how this watershed moment might push society to change for the better — if the political momentum can last.

This is one in a series of episodes featuring the personal stories of protesters.

“To see all the hashtags on social media, it’s a start. But it’s not enough … So physically coming out, and it’s nice to see so many allies out here. And I hope that we can all still work together even after this, after the crowds are gone.” — Jada Curry

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