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Muni expects $36 mil from bill, but will that help?

As news comes out that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency stands to earn $36 million from the state, millions of dollars have already been lost to non-paying riders.

On Wednesday Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a transportation bill that gives $36 million to Muni, in state funding for this fiscal year and next. This comes at a time when some proposals call for a 10 percent cut in Muni service.
Muni spokeswoman Kristi Holland told SF Appeal that the $36 million endowment would help the agency: “The goal would be to make improvements where we can while still being respectful of these ongoing budget deficits.”
On Thursday ABC7 reported that the Muni system has lost as much as $11 million due to non-paying riders. This comes as bad news when the agency has already has a $56 million deficit.

In an effort to crack down on non-paying riders, the agency has been conducting a sting operation since 2006. Last year the agency increased the number of inspectors to 50 from four. Those inspectors’ salaries come to $4 million, even though they have collected under $2 million in fines in the latest count.

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