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Boost the vehicle license fee to help fund S.F. public transit: mayoral candidate David Chiu on Muni

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Oct 31 2011 - 11:55am
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Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni? - Part 4

San Francisco mayoral candidate David Chiu said that if he becomes mayor, he will work to get the state to boost the vehicle license fee in order to help cash-strapped Muni. In 2003, when Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor, the first thing he did was slash the vehicle license fee. Chui, who does not own a car and uses a bike and Muni to get around town, won one of three endorsements handed out by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Make S.F.'s transit system 'magnificent' to lure drivers from their cars: mayoral candidate Terry Baum on Muni

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Oct 28 2011 - 12:38pm
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Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni? - Part 3

San Francisco mayoral candidate Terry Baum said that if she becomes mayor, she would make Muni “magnificent.” She said wants to change the mentality of people who drive cars to give public transportation a chance. Her plan is to transform the Muni subway stations into a museum with mosaics and murals. She said Muni has to be fun and a place where people want to be at. She wants Muni to be the focus of positive energy for riders.

S.F. needs to improve transit service outside downtown: mayoral candidate John Avalos on Muni

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Oct 27 2011 - 6:12pm
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Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni? - Part 2

San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos, who is seeking the mayor’s job, says Muni has an infrastructure problem within the transit system. He has said that  Muni is too centered in the downtown area. He wants all residents in the city to have better access to Muni and wants to stop the practice of switchbacks, where Muni buses or trains change direction during mid-route.

S.F. should stop syphoning funds from transit agency: mayoral candidate Adachi on Muni

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Oct 26 2011 - 3:08pm
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Can S.F.’s next mayor save Muni? - Part 1

Public Defender Jeff Adachi, a candidate for mayor of San Francisco, said Muni must live up to its voter-mandated on-time performance rate of 85 percent. How does he plan to do that if elected? One of his ideas is to stop city departments from taking resources from the transit agency, known as work orders. Work orders are charges from city departments to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Last year SF 311 charged the agency for each customer assistance call related to Muni, which resulted in a $6.3 million bill.

Muni eliminating stops on one of its worst performing bus routes

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Oct 12 2011 - 1:40pm

UPDATE: 10/19/11 Muni announced more service improvements to other lines this week. Plans to improve one of the Muni’s worst performing bus lines will finally take affect on Monday. The 28L-19th Avenue bus line, which usually is packed with riders and not on-time (42 percent on-time performance in the latest Muni report), will not make stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and four stops along 19th Avenue and Park Presidio.

Muni looking to quicker system for boarding buses

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Sep 7 2011 - 3:16pm

Since installing Clipper Card readers on the front and back doors of Muni buses, riders have wondered if Muni would ever go to an official all-door boarding system. At Tuesday's San Francisco Municipal Board of Transportation meeting, Muni chief Ed Reiskin said it could happen in 2012.

A systemwide all-door boarding would speed up boarding on Muni buses and reduce travel time for riders, according to Muni officials. 

Muni’s on-time performance still not meeting city goal

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Sep 2 2011 - 2:14pm

It’s that time of month again — when the city’s transit agency releases its quarterly performance report card. And it looks like not much has changed from previous reports, which is not good news for Muni officials. For the last three months of the 2010-2011 fiscal year (April through June 2011), on-time performance measured at 72.9 percent, far below the 1999 voter-mandated goal of 85 percent. During the previous quarter for the first three months of 2011, on-time performance was at 74.7 percent.

N-Judah rush hour express bus service trimming trip times, overcrowding

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Aug 1 2011 - 2:40pm

The apparent success of Muni's Nx-Judah express bus service could offer hope to riders on other crowded streetcar lines. Municipal Transportation Agency spokesman Paul Rose said other express buses could be possible, but the agency will look at community needs before adding buses to other lines. For now, riders seem to be enjoying the added service to the N-Judah line. Ridership on the express bus, which started in June, has grown from 938 passengers to 1,282 a day during the first four weeks, according to the transit agency. Muni projected an average daily ridership of 1,000 to 1,500 passengers. Riders have asked Muni to extend the hours during the evening and to add express buses for other rail lines.

Challenges await new Muni chief Ed Reiskin

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Jul 21 2011 - 5:01pm

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of directors announced Thursday that the Department of Public Works Director Ed Reiskin will become the next agency’s executive director. Reiskin arrives at a crucial time in the agency where Muni’s on-time performance fell slightly to 71 percent and the relationship between the agency and its drivers is increasingly strained. 

Supervisor wants to see results of new Muni contract

Jerold Chinn, SF Public Press — Jul 1 2011 - 3:48pm

 An arbitrator-imposed labor contract for the city's Muni operators went into effect on Friday and is expected to save the city $41 million over the next three years. City Supervisor Scott Weiner wants the transit agency to show where those savings are coming from.

Weiner introduced a resolution at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting calling upon the transit agency's governing board to give periodic updates on how the agency is saving money from the deal.

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