Public Press Weekly: Checking Out the Candidates

San Francisco Public Press
 — May 29 2018 - 7:15pm

So many candidates, so many propositions and so little time left to figure it all out (Election day is June 5). Here’s what some of the San Francisco mayoral hopefuls are saying:

Soooooo … the future mayor has work all cut out for her (or him): housing affordability, homelessness, quality of life (trash, grit, dirt, filthy streets, oh my).

Affordable Housing — Still None to Speak of

Renters can rejoice, a little at least. The S.F. supervisors OK’d a measure to prevent landlords from sticking renters with their own property taxes and debt services. “Rent Control Loophole Closed” (SF Weekly); “Tenants Win Major Victory Over Speculators” (48hills).

Homelessness — Still With Us

Trash Talk