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Public Press Weekly: Perfect Storms

San Francisco Public Press
 — Apr 16 2018 - 9:14pm

Climate change, global warming and the justifiable jitters that come with a fear of an environmental apocalypse are scoffed at by many in the current administration in Washington. (Deutsche Welle). Soft-pedaling such threats can take the form of the National Park Service denying the human role in climate change by aggressively editing out all references to that role in its report on sea level rise and storm surge. Some congressional Democrats, however, were righteously peeved at the deletions and howled for an investigation into whether the agency violated its scientific integrity policy. (Reveal).

But here’s the real deal for those who still believe in science:

  • California is taking climate change seriously: Officials are inching toward requiring cities to plan for the severe sea level rise that is predicted to cause high tides that could flood parts of the Bay Area by the middle of the next century. “State Looking to Require Cities to Plan for Rising Seas” (San Francisco Public Press).
  • A project is already humming along to alleviate the risks of rising seas, and Richmond’s northern shoreline is a target area. The work is part of the Resilient by Design competition, a research and design initiative that addresses climate-related disasters. “Sustainable Design Competition Seeks to Abate Bay Area Climate Disasters” (Richmond Confidential).
  • Another tool to combat rising seas is restoring wetlands to the bay’s low-lying areas, like a project that just got the OK to change a 300-acre salt pond back into a wetland. This is an example of Bay Area voters’ tax dollars at work in that this wetlands project is the first use of $12 parcel tax proceeds to clean up the bay. “That $12 Parcel Tax Voters Approved Two Years Ago Is About to Revive SF Bay Shorelines” (San Francisco Chronicle).
  • And if you really want to get the climate-change jitters based on the facts, and you have nightmares about things ultimately becoming so dire that humanity would be up the creek without a paddle or a Noah’s Ark, educate yourself about sea level rise as detailed in these special reports: “Sea Level Rise Threatens Waterfront Development” and “Wild West on the Waterfront” (San Francisco Public Press).

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