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Occupy SF demonstrators take over empty building

 — Apr 2 2012 - 2:45pm


Hooray for the Occupiers and 99 per centers.

I DO encourage them to listen to those in their midst offering to assist the cause using proven techniques that "turn off" so many brainwashed buffoons mentally enslaved by the ruling elite class, corporate USA, etc.

My suggestions?

Smile at everybody!!!

Chanting and shouting.... nah.

Say "Hello" and "Good day" to everybody and SMILE!!!!

Pass out handouts to those willing to take them to BRIEFLY explain your cause.

And make your message(s) as positive as possible.

Occupy if you must but do so legally and do ALL you can to keep the area clean then reach out to clean up adjacent areas.

Ask for somebody or something to donate a dumpster tp deposit the trash your group grabs.

Assist the needy in some manner.

Do good deeds.

Have "enforcers" to ensure your cohort is free of anti-social dirtbags.

Unsure of how to handle the mentally ill since society at large and Ronald Regan (who started the scandals) and various groups today demand the mentally ill to wander the streets except for the most EXTREME cases. Seek advise from professionals on how to handle the mentally ill.

I quit assisting our local Occupy group due to immaturity and amateurishness of those involved.

Good luck!!!!!!!!