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Reporters’ Notebook: En route: 28-19th Avenue often off schedule

SF Public Press
 — Nov 18 2010 - 11:50am

Reporter Jerold Chinn, Multimedia Editor Monica Jensen and Social Media Editor Sarah Fidelibus rode one of the Muni bus lines that has the most trouble keeping on schedule -— the 28-19th Avenue.

They documented the problems the bus faced while traveling on a recent Wednesday afternoon along the route from Fort Mason to Daly City. The bus travels for much of its route along 19th Avenue, or Highway 1, which leads to the Golden Gate Bridge to the north and Interstate 280 to the south.

On their journey, they found construction on 19th Avenue, heavy traffic and packed buses. As a result, the bus passed three stops with waiting passengers on 19th Avenue and was not able to pick up everyone at another stop. When the bus finally rolled into Daly City and dropped off passengers, it left immediately because it was already four minutes late.

Comments are from the bus driver, who asked that her name not be used, reporter observations and rider views. 

A version of this article was published in the fall 2010 edition of the San Francisco Public Press newspaper. Read select stories online, or buy a copy.

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old news....this has been documented quite a bit. the TEP attempted to deal with this, but the TEP has been ignored by Muni.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes we are aware that the problems of the 28 bus are documented in the TEP, but they are not necessarily documented by the local news media. My colleagues and I believe by reporting the problems of this particular bus in print and online, Muni will be unable to avoid the issues plaguing this bus and the rest of the system.

Also, we wanted to show passengers the problems on some of bus lines are sometimes well beyond the drivers control.