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SF may soon get 2 Target stores

SF Public Press
 — Jul 22 2010 - 4:10pm

San Francisco residents soon may not need to drive to Daly City or Colma to get their Target fix. The retail chain store is floating plans to open two locations in the city by the spring of 2012.

Officials from the retail chain held a meeting with residents Wednesday night at the Geary and Masonic site to discuss moving into the former Mervyns.

The proposed site would occupy both floors of the former department store and would be about 100,000 square feet, said Thom Lasley, Target’s senior design project architect.

“The exterior of City Plaza is going to change to be more inviting to residents,” Lasley said. Company officials are considering adding more window displays and possibly an outside cafe.

John Dewes, Target’s regional development manager, said the company is looking at opening stores in urban areas. He said Target would provide about 250 jobs at each location.

Most neighbors who spoke at the meeting said they were in favor of Target moving in. Some raised concerns about traffic congestion along Masonic Avenue, to which Dewes said Target and city officials would look into the problem. 

Residents said they wanted assurance that Target would not add to the neighborhood’s parking crunch typified by the Trader Joe’s across the street. Target would take 236 of the 600 parking spaces in the retail complex.

“A parking analysis was done and we feel the parking is adequate for the site,” Dewes said. He suggested residents take the bus, ride a bike or walk.

Michelle Conley and Lisa Toney, co-owners of Curves Fitness and Health Club in the City Plaza complex, welcomed the idea of Target moving in. “It would be great for business and there would be more foot traffic around the plaza,” Toney said.

The second proposed site is at Mission and Fourth streets, inside the Metreon. Dewes said Target would take the first and second floors and would be about the same size as the Masonic Avenue store.

Target has not yet submitted paperwork to the city, but plans to do so following community meetings. Target will then face the Planning Commission, which has previously rejected box stores such as Home Depot. Several residents said they would appear before a future commission hearing to support Target.

“This would be good not just for the district, but for the city,” said one neighbor, Benita Sondini. She said residents of the neighborhood do not want go all the way to Daly City. “I won’t have to drive to Serramonte anymore.”