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Mark Farrell Is Your New Mayor — and Let the Games Begin

By Joe Eskenazi, Mission Local

Moments after he provided the sixth and deciding vote to oust London Breed from the position of acting mayor and install Mark Farrell as caretaker, Supervisor Jeff Sheehy, all 6-foot-4 of him, was sprawled out in a seat in his City Hall office. He looked spent. He was spent.

He had voiced his “ayes” for Farrell in a willowy near-whisper, triggering an extended period of bedlam in the board chambers in which Breed’s largely African-American supporters noisily shut down the Tuesday night meeting, accused the board of reviving Jim Crow in 2018 and locked eyes with the District 8 Supe and charged him — yes, you, Jeff Sheehy — with wholesale racism. When livid members of the public leaned in, shouted his name, and unloaded vast quantities of vitriol, Sheehy did not return their gaze. He seemed to be in a faraway place.  

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