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In Health Care Debate, Nurses Union Boss Doesn’t Play Nice — and That’s the Way She Likes It

By Laurel Rosenhall, CALmatters

The day after Democrats in the California Senate passed a proposal for a universal health care system, RoseAnn DeMoro took to Twitter to call out those who voted against it.

Her tweet read: “23 CA senators stood up for guaranteed healthcare, 17 did not – some of whom are Dem. Check if your senator is here.” A list was included showing how each lawmaker voted on the bill.

Its passage marked an incremental victory for DeMoro, a liberal Democratic firebrand who, as head of the California Nurses Association, has spent decades pushing to overhaul the health care system. Most advocates don’t celebrate a win by publicly shaming the politicians who took the losing position. But DeMoro is hardly the typical advocate.

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