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Trump Wants to Detain More Immigrants. He Could — With California’s Help

By Lisa Pickoff-White and Julie Small, KQED News Fix/The California Report

When his three young children woke up in their small house in Oakland one morning a few weeks ago, Maguiber was not home. That was not so unusual. The 27-year-old dad worked long hours, juggling three different jobs cleaning in two hotels and a restaurant.

But then the children’s mother told Kevin, 8, Gabriela, 4, and Christopher, 2, that their father had been taken away to jail. Before dawn that morning, two officers had knocked on the door. They said they were investigating a hit-and-run, and they asked to see Maguiber. (His attorney asked that we not use his last name until his immigration status is resolved.) He walked out to the driveway, while Yibi Heras, his wife, watched from the door.

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