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'Deep Cleaning': Public Works Dept. Says It Picked Up 55,000 Pounds of Trash, 4,000 Needles From Encampments

By Laura Waxmann, Mission Local

In response to increasing tensions between San Francisco’s housed and unhoused neighbors and an ever-growing stack of complaints about homeless encampments, the city’s Department of Public Works last week decided to take matters into its own hands by “deep cleaning” and essentially removing a number of them in the Mission and in South of Market.

Nuisance and public safety complaints made attending to the encampments a high priority.

Rachel Gordon, spokesperson for the San Francisco Department of Public Works who was clearly frustrated with the number of calls the department is getting, said cleaning crews picked up some “55,000 pounds of trash and close to 4,000 needles” over the course of a week in mid-March. 

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