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Facebook Charter School Collaboration Draws Fans and Skeptics

By Sarah Tan, KQED News Fix

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is three years into his second big investment in education reform, after his first investment of $100 million in Newark public schools was widely criticized as being a waste of money. He’s given $120 million to invest in Bay Area schools, but this time he’s choosing to work with programs already claiming success. One is a Bay Area-based network of charter schools called Summit that says it’s redefining how teachers teach.

Summit founder Diane Tavenner founded the first school in Redwood City in 2003 after spending 10 years as a teacher. After having grown up in a poor town near Lake Tahoe and seeing many of her classmates not graduate from high school, she wanted to create a school where students would be engaged in their learning and finish successfully.

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