A Starting Place for Former Foster Youth

By Rachel Wong, KALW Crosscurrents

Dejon Lewis was 11 years old when child protective services arrived to take him and his twin sister away from their mother, whom he says is a drug addict. But instead of giving themselves over to the state, the two children made a run for it. Lewis says they stayed with a family friend for a while, but eventually they turned themselves in, and that is when he entered the foster care system. Since then, Lewis has bounced around a lot.

“It’s hard to live when you’re just living with strangers and strangers and strangers, and no relatives. But I know down the road that that wouldn’t last forever, so I had to figure out how to be more independent,” he says.

Now he is 21, and he is  emancipated from foster care, but he is still not settled yet. Only a few months ago, things got especially bad. He lost his apartment and struggled to find a place to sleep.

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