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Searching for Love Letters in the Mission District

By Alicia Avila, Mission Local

A chill winter breeze didn’t stop the search in the Mission last Saturday. Couples, friends, families and a few single adventurers passed through the doors of Viracocha, a vintage store at 21st and Valencia streets. Maps and clues at hand, they marched excitedly past the red balloon tethered just outside the door.

They were following a trail of clues left by local artist Olga Nunes, 34, creator of the Mission’s first-ever Valentine’s Day Love Letter Scavenger Hunt. The hunt was the first of a three-act performance piece designed by Nunes and executed with a little help from her friends.

From noon to 7 p.m., the searchers had just enough time to find, scan and read 100 love letters that were scattered up and down Valencia Street.

“You told me once you should never go anywhere without confetti.” – Letter #28

Together, the letters make up a 15,000-word novella about a woman named Lux searching for a man called Lamp, whom she once loved. As scavenger hunters found more letters, they were able to piece together the love story while tracking their found letters online through mobile devices.

The quest for love letters was the first act of a three-act play that will continue with the novella and conclude with the release of Nunes’ first full-length album, LAMP. The entire performance piece has been in the works for two-and-a-half years.

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