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Oakland Residents Plead: Pay Attention to Killings

By Mina Kim, KQED News Fix

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., has opened a new national dialogue about guns and gun violence. In Oakland, where a recent violent crime surge has residents anxious, a group of committed demonstrators are pleading to be heard by the police, policymakers, and their own community.

"Somebody died here, we need to care! Somebody died here, we need to care!" was the cry rippling through a busy intersection near Oakland's Lake Merritt on a recent chilly January morning. A dozen people spread out along East 18th Street and Park Boulevard, holding signs that read "Peace on the Streets." They passed out flyers and postcards to anyone who would take them. The few drivers who bothered to roll down a window got a card imploring them to "say something about the murder of our youth, the suffering of our families."

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