Kidnapping charges dropped after supposed victim changes her story

Charges against an El Sobrante man suspected of kidnapping a woman off the streets of San Francisco were dismissed after the supposed victim changed her story in the course of legal proceedings.

A Superior Court judge dismissed the charges on Jan. 20 and freed Terrell Trammell from San Francisco County Jail. The woman police suspected of being the victim said she was Trammell’s girlfriend and not a kidnap victim as she had earlier claimed. 

Stephanie Ong Stillman, spokeswoman for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, said that accounts of the incident from independent witnesses revealed that the suspected victim may have gotten into Trammell’s car voluntarily. 

At the time of arrest last December, the police said Trammell rammed his car into a San Francisco Police Department car on Oakland’s International Boulevard. But no such charges were ever filed.