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Mission High rejiggers school advisory periods

By Alicia Avila, Mission Local

A small group of teenagers talking sports and girls passes through the doors of the computer lab on the second floor of Mission High school. One student in particular stands out. She looks like a teenager in a mood, with her backpack hanging from one hand, an attitude in her walk and a demand — to have more time to complete a few of her school assignments.

“We used to do homework in advisory,” she complains.

Nowadays, however, advisory means structured work. “We’re trying to help you get to college and find a career,” says Brian Fox, the community schools coordinator who is also her advisory teacher.

The change in the class from a four-day-a-week unstructured period to a twice-a-week structured period is all part of the curriculum modifications made in the last year, since Mission High became one of six schools in the Mission to receive a federal School Improvement Grant.

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