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Muni operators vote to approve strike authorization

Transport Workers Union 250-A, which represents Muni drivers, has voted to approve a strike authorization, a spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency said. The vote allows union leaders to call a strike if labor negoiations with the city reach an impasse.

Charlie Goodyear, who is the spokesman during the labor negotiations for Muni, issued a press release Friday afternoon which said the union informed the transit agency that a strike authorization was approved.

He also said that “both management and the union continue to discuss details of a new labor contract and the talks are progressing.”

Since the passing of Proposition G by voters in November last year, the agency is able to negotiate with the union on items such as wages and work rules.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera also issued a statement, saying the Memorandum of Understanding – work rules agreement between the agency and union workers - prohibits a strike. 

The union did not respond to a request for a comment on the vote or Herrera's statement.