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Hilton Hotel Union Square employees go on six-day strike

On Wednesday KTVU reported on the beginning of a six-day strike for 850 Hilton Hotel Union Square workers.

Workers for the city’s largest hotel picked a busy week for hotels, according to the San Francisco Examiner. MLB playoffs, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk and the Nike marathon, are expected to draw 20,000 alone to hotels.

Housekeeping staff, bellmen, cooks and bartenders told KTVU they hope a highly visible and loud protest will pressure hotel management to agree to a new four-year contract. All workers have been on the job without a contract for 14 months. Though the current strike is held at Union Square, 9,000 hotel workers in San Francisco are facing the same problem.

Hilton Union Square General Manager Michael Dunne told KTVU: "This is not going to get settled with a strike. This is going to get settled with negotiations and we're eager to get back to the table."