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SF wants to limit toys in unhealthy child fast-food meals

A vote on a proposed ordinance to ban toys in kids' fast-food meals if they are deemed unhealthy was postponed Monday after amendments were made to the measure.

The plan, brought forth by Supervisor Eric Mar, would ban in kids' meals that exceed 600 calories, according to ABC7. 

Parents who frequent fast-food restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell and others will have to look to healthy alternative sides like fruits, vegetables and milk if their kids want the toys as limits will be placed on calories, fat, salt and sugar, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Many in the fast-food industry have been meeting with city officials behind closed doors to voice their concerns. Opponents are trying to frame this as government regulation going too far.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is opposed to the legislation. Newsom's spokesman Tony Winnicker said the mayor supports kids eating healthier, but "dictating what plastic toys can be put in a box is not the right way to achieve that."

Mar said voluntary efforts by the fast-food industry haven't gone far enough to combat childhood obesity.