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Resident health measured in new online report card

A large number of private and public health groups have put together a report card grading the health of San Francisco residents.

The Community Vital Signs report was introduced online Thursday and will identify areas of concern using collected data.

The report has drawn from about 50 sources and uses 150 measures, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Some examples of data from the report include Bayview-Hunters Point residents will live 14 fewer years on average than those living on Russian Hill, and about 800 people are injured or killed by cars each year while walking around the city, with pedestrian accidents most commonly occurring in Chinatown, the Financial District, South of Market and Civic Center.

Health officials plan to use the report card to monitor the health of residents and to make improvements where ever possible.

The city has been posting health data online since 2007 with the Health Matters in San Francisco website. The Community Vital Signs report builds upon that and serves as a sort of one-stop shop for health providers, policymakers, employers and residents with more and comparable data to use to improve health conditions and find solutions to problems.

The report card took more than a year to develop. The report card will be managed by the Healthy Communities Foundation of Sausalito, who also designed the software used. Officials say data can be updated in real time once it becomes available.