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Injunction issued against SF gangs

On Thursday KTVU reported that a San Francisco judge granted a preliminary injunction against two gangs in the city’s Visitacion Valley neighborhood.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera requested the injunction, which affects the Down Below and Towerside gangs, accused of terrorizing area residents. Herrera told KTVU that the gangs are responsible for at least 10 murders in the past three years.

The injunction applies to a 0.18-square-mile “safety zone” and prohibits “public nuisance” behavior such as intimidation, drug dealing, graffiti vandalism, openly carrying a gun, loitering, trespassing and other gang-related activities.

For the 41 adults listed as gang members in the Visitacion Valley injunction, violations that are counted as misdemeanors could lead to up to six months in jail.

Herrera has requested other gang-related injunctions against several gangs in the Bayview and Mission districts and the Western Addition.