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Crazy and composed, college students across the Bay react to budget cuts

Facing unprecedented budget cuts in higher education, protests — both planned and impromptu — are lighting up colleges throughout the Bay Area.
San Francisco State University and U.C. Berkeley have contributed more than their share of protests. While their methods differ, students at both universities are pushing for better funding.
On Thursday, Berkeley students shook it up a bit in the form of an open-air dance party in Sproul Plaza, followed by the occupation of Durant Hall, and then culminating in what the San Francisco Chronicle characterized as a riot on Telegraph Avenue. Only the dance party was planned (or at least announced).
In contrast, students in San Francisco have been rather subdued. They are planning to host student general assemblies weekly, courtesy of Students Faculty Staff United. These assemblies have been building up to the March 4 statewide “Day of Action,” organizers said.
At stake is who can attend college, as the budget plan for the coming academic year will decrease admissions even more. The California State University system plans to reduce enrollment by 40,000 students over the next two years. The University of California system would cut 2,300 over one year. In addition, current students at California State Universities face a 20 percent tuition increase, while U.C. students faces a 32 percent hike.
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