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Board of Supervisors Candidates on the Issues: San Francisco Fall 2012 Election

SF Public Press
 — Oct 24 2012 - 12:23pm

Where do they stand? We asked. A nonpartisan guide to the candidates’ political positions

Many observers complain about a lack of attention to the issues in city elections. It can be difficult for journalists, civic organizations and community groups to pin down exactly where the candidates stand on San Francisco policy disputes. Many of the candidate surveys distributed by news organizations and interest groups are limited because the questions permit evasive answers, focus on a narrow range of issues, or the candidates’ responses are not released to the public.

This issue-positions questionnaire for Board of Supervisors candidates in the November 2012 elections is largely based on recent divided votes of the board, covering the full gamut of San Francisco policy disputes, not just issues of concern to one or two groups. 

The results of our candidate survey will serve as the basis for our nonpartisan, no-nonsense, issues-oriented voter guide covering many more issues (to be released online as PDFs later this fall - stay tuned). It will also be used as background for candidate debates sponsored by the League of Women Voters and partner organizations in District 1, District 5 and District 7. And UC Davis professors plan to use the candidates’ responses as part of a larger study of voting in city elections.

The one-page graphic first appeared in the Fall 2012 print edition of the San Francisco Public Press.