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Mission District

State Law Cracks Down on Free Public Meals

Yesica Prado, San Francisco Public Press — Dec 10 2018 - 12:08pm

Many city residents who are not housed or are food insecure depend on humanitarian aid from Food Not Bombs to survive. But state regulations taking effect in January jeopardize the group's 35-year mission of sharing food outside the confines of government bureaucracy.

Proposition I: Mission District Housing Moratorium

Noah Arroyo, San Francisco Public Press — Oct 5 2015 - 4:00pm

Proposition I would block the construction, demolition or conversion of nearly all new, unpermitted market-rate housing in the Mission District for 18 months, giving city officials and community groups time to create a long-term plan for helping low- to middle-income people who live in the neighborhood. Projects for 100 percent affordable housing would not be affected.

As Neighbors Decry Spread of Homeless Encampments, One Mission Resident Opens Her Home Instead

Sanne Bergh and Paul Lorgerie, San Francisco Public Press — Dec 19 2014 - 2:42pm

Potrero Hill and Mission District residents complain about nearby homeless encampments, which have grown in sheltered areas as winter approaches. Police and city officials say the problem is too big to solve. One resident took matters into her own hands. Part of a special report on homelessness and mental health in San Francisco in the fall 2014 print edition.

Rerouted bus through heart of Mission District hurts business, neighbors say

Jerold Chinn and Sandy Lopez, SF Public Press/Mission Local — Mar 29 2012 - 8:36am

Riders and businesses in the Mission District say the rerouting of  major Muni bus lines is causing confusion and hurting commerce. The 14-Mission, 14L-Mission and 49-Mission/Van Ness, which usually travel along Mission Street, have been rerouted to South Van Ness since the beginning of March because of a repavement and infrastructure project by the Department of Public Works and Public Utilities Commission. The project affects Mission Street between 16th and Cesar Chavez streets.

S.F. transportation agency apologizes, reassesses parking meter plan

Rigoberto Hernandez, Mission Local — Feb 1 2012 - 6:43pm

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency agreed to assess people’s parking needs block by block in the Mission and other southeastern neighborhoods before installing any new parking meters. That marked a change in the agency’s attitude since a Jan. 13 meeting in which a hearing officer approved the installation of about 5,000 parking meters in several eastern neighborhoods, despite the objections of hundreds of people who spoke unanimously in opposition to the proposal.

Ins and outs of standing in line in the Mission

Heather Smith, Mission Local — Nov 10 2011 - 3:18pm

Living in a popular neighborhood, in the middle of a popular city, is a lifestyle choice that can make a person sneaky. For those who don’t like to wait, it is possible to live in a shadow Mission, getting an It's-It from the freezer of a convenience store instead of standing for half an hour in line at the Bi-Rite Creamery, and visiting certain spots only during the brief hours when they’re not busy — Tartine before 8 a.m., bars on Sunday through Wednesday, Papalote only at 2 in the afternoon, Valencia Pizza & Pasta when you need a table for six on a Friday night. Brunch never ever ever. Or only if you make sure to eat brunch first.

Is this legal? Wheat-pasting, wild posting & flyers

Bridget Huber, Mission Local — Oct 26 2011 - 5:52pm

It happens overnight: A plywood construction barrier goes up and is promptly plastered with ads that turn half a block into a billboard for the latest romantic comedy or pop album. There’s no question that wheat-pasted ads are common in the Mission, but are they legal?


Gunz and Bunz: Sexy or offensive?

Marta Franco, Mission Local — Oct 19 2011 - 2:08pm

Mike’s Deli hadn´t been doing well for a while, and its owner, Mike Jweinat, thought it was time to give the spot a sexier look. He created some new sandwiches, colorful signs, and a brand-new name: Gunz and Bunz. But residents in a neighborhood where shootings aren’t uncommon failed to see the humor.

March for women against rape

Monica Jensen, The Public Press — Apr 27 2009 - 8:36pm

More than 800 people participated Saturday in the fourth annual Walk Against Rape. The event, sponsored by San Francisco Women Against Rape, raised more than $55,000 for the 35-year-old sexual assault crisis center in the city's Mission District.

Erica Guajardo Johnson, an organizer with San Francisco Women Against Rape, said she was approached by a man during the march who broke into tears while telling her that he was raped many years ago. Seeing everyone marching together gave him the courage to ask for help, Johnson said.

"I just wanted to squeeze him," Johnson said. "That's exactly what this is about ... to give someone the power to admit to themselves and to the world that it's not your fault."

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