March 2020 Election Guide: Prop 13

Facilities Construction at Public Schools — Proposition 13 would authorize a $15 billion state bond measure to provide matching funding to districts for renovation and construction of facilities. $9 billion are slated for K-12 schools, and $6 billion for public higher education institutions. The measure prioritizes districts that have health and safety needs, like lead in their water, or that are too small to raise adequate funds through taxes.

March 2020 Election Guide: Prop D

Tax on Vacant Storefronts —

Proposition D would create a storefront vacancy tax, levied based on the size of the empty storefront and how long it has remained vacant. Beginning in 2021, if a storefront in a named neighborhood commercial district has been empty for more than six months, the landlord would be taxed $250 per street-facing foot of storefront, and more if the space remains vacant consecutive years.