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We Did It


We did it! With your help, we surpassed our goal and raised $50,437 from more than 130 pledges from individuals and grants from the San Francisco Foundation and the Fund for Investigative Journalism. We offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed during this campaign.

Thanks also to everyone who helped spread the word on social media. You introduced the San Francisco Public Press to more people than we could ever reach on our own.

Contributions to this campaign will support upcoming projects exploring the rising cost of living in San Francisco and campaign finance reform in local elections. They will help the Public Press continue to investigate the effects of public-policy decisions and to produce in-depth reports on housing, the environment, education and labor that help all of us in San Francisco and around the Bay Area understand our communities better.

If you didn’t get a chance to give before the campaign closed on Sept. 30, it’s not too late to donate. We will be thrilled to have you join the Public Press as a sustaining member.

Thank you for supporting independent, public-interest journalism! The Public Press thrives because of readers like you.

With great appreciation,

Lila LaHood               Michael Stoll
Publisher                    Excutive Director

Thank You, Campaign Contributors!

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