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Getting close

Campaign thermometerAlmost to Our Goal!

We are very close to reaching our goal of raising $50,000 by Sept. 30 and need only $3,309. We promise to end the campaign as soon as we hit the target!

Can you help by making a donation today? Reaching this goal will help the Public Press leverage new grant opportunities by showing foundations that the community supports what we do.

Thank you for joining us in this effort!

What Does It Mean to Donate to 
the San Francisco Public Press?

It means identifying policies that keep us all safe. Less than a month after the Public Press released a map of soft-story residential buildings vulnerable to earthquake damage, then-Supervisor David Chiu proposed mandatory seismic retrofitting for those very buildings — a policy that quickly gained approval from the board of supervisors. 

It means uncovering inequity. Public Press reporters compiled original research on PTA fundraising at San Francisco elementary schools, creating a data set the school board had never seen and reinvigorating discussions about inequality in education.

It means accountability. Following a Public Press investigation that exposed the city's falling rate of domestic violence prosecutions, the district attorney acknowledged that his department was not aware of the trend and committed to examining it.

That's what it means to give to the Public Press, and we need your support to continue this work. Help us publish more public-interest journalism.

New: $5-Per-Month Membership Plan

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