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Sea Level Rise Report — Coming Soon!

Kevin Stark measuring high tide at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

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We’re excited to share the new issue with you. Lead reporters Kevin Stark (pictured here measuring high tide near the Ferry Building) and Winnie Bird have been working on the sea level rise project since early this year, supported by a sprawling crew of interns, senior editors, cartographers, photographers and illustrators.

The Bay Area’s current building frenzy includes both housing and commercial construction. In examining approval processes for new buildings on the bay’s edge, our team found that cities are green-lighting waterfront development with little regard for long-term planning or the future cost of retrofitting large-scale projects — a burden passed on to future residents — in light of consensus projections for sea level rise.

Map preview of San Francisco Bay waterfront development.

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Graphic via FreeimagesHub. Illustration by Olivia Henry.