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Behind the Scenes: Production of Issue No. 7

Step into the Public Press newsroom where reporters and editors are preparing to publish Issue No. 7 — coming next month. Michael Stoll, executive director, explains the thinking behind the 16-page, ad-free, broadsheet.

What is distinct about the print edition?

The Public Press is, as far as we know, the largest circulation nonprofit newspaper in California. As a community-funded news organization, we pride ourselves on strident independence from the powerful in business, government and other sectors. We are able to go deeper than many mainstream news outlets because we're not focused on maximizing profits.

The special section of the next edition focuses on smart growth. Why did the Public Press decide to report on this issue?

We've seen terms like smart growth bandied about by government planners, academics, developers and activists, but there's little consensus on what these ideas actually mean. Many news outlets have covered individual developments or public meetings, failing to consider the big picture. Bay Area regional planning is becoming very controversial. A team of seven reporters, two graphic designers and two photographers is exploring a region-wide political firestorm that could derail planned transit-oriented developments and walkable communities in all nine Bay Area counties.

How can people support the newspaper?

The Public Press was founded on the example of public broadcasting, which relies primarily on cultivating small donors. We need community support to continue to provide freecoverage of local public affairs on our website and distribute the paper below cost across the region. All individual donations go into developing unique editorial projects that have public impact.

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