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Treasure Island report-back live: audio of panel discussion with Public Press and

On Monday, the San Francisco Public Press and co-hosted a panel discussion at the Hub SoMa on our reporting about the massive planned redevelopment of Treasure Island. We plan to do more of these events discussing public policy. These gatherings are open to the public and free to members. The report-back capped a package of articles looking at the island and its political, financial and environmental challenges in depth. The stories appeared online and in the summer 2010 print pilot edition of the San Francisco Public Press.

[Audio of the event 9/20/10: Treasure Island development panel discussion on SoundCloud (sfpublicpress).]


  • Jeremy Adam Smith, consulting editor, (front in photo)
  • Christopher D. Cook
  • Alison Hawkes (photo)
  • Bernice Yeung (photo)
  • Victoria Schlesinger

For our summer print pilot newspaper, seven reporters, one photographer and a graphic artist produced an eight-page section on Treasure Island. They interviewed the developers, city officials and architects, and pored over documents about the financing, development and environmental remediation. Funding for this project was made possible through micro-donations through our partner  Graphics by Shawn Allen, Stamen Design.

• OVERVIEW: Can Treasure Island realize its ecotopian dream? 
• SEA LEVEL: Uncertain about rising seas, developers using mid-range estimate to build up island
• EARTHQUAKES: Sand and silt require $137 million fix for Treasure Island
• POLLUTION: Experts concerned about Treasure Island cleanup as seas rise
• FINANCES: Financial upside for developers is long-term and risky, city says
• POLITICS: Through two mayors, connected island developers cultivated profitable deal
• PEOPLE: Treasure Island residents face choices for relocation
• BUSINESS: Homebuilder Lennar uses federal taxpayer funds to balance its books
• Treasure Island timeline