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A tale of two zip codes

Christopher D. Cook, Race, Poverty & the Environment — Jul 7 2009 - 2:18pm

Recession worsens rights gap between rich and poor

At the corner of Turk and Hyde Streets in San Francisco’s Tenderloin, just a few blocks from the glittering commerce and bustling tourism of Union Square, lies a little slice of the Third World that visitors rarely see — unless they go to India or Africa.

In just a minute’s stroll, fashion stores and boutiques hustling Armani and Prada, and European-style cafes peddling panini, cappuccino and white wine give way to adult book stores, liquor markets, pay day loan stores, overnight SRO (single-room occupancy) hotels, drug rehab clinics and bargain-basement deals on crack.

Nestled in the heart of downtown between Union Square and Civic Center (the city’s house of government), the Tenderloin is a chaotic theater of suffering, struggle and survival, performed in the open every day yet eerily separate from nearby neighborhoods that rank among the nation’s wealthiest.

Supes on: The budget - David Campos says the debate between public safety and public health is a 'false choice'

Lizzy Tomei, The Public Press — Jul 6 2009 - 9:17pm

District 9 Supervisor David Campos spoke about his approach to tackling the multimillion-dollar budget deficit. A former police commissioner, Campos is currently chair of the Board of Supervisors’ public safety committee and a member of the budget and finance committee.

Late-night San Francisco budget plan adds back millions to health and welfare spending

Kevin Stark, The Public Press — Jul 1 2009 - 11:22pm

After a month of political jockeying, protests and two days of marathon budget negotiations, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Budget Committee approved a framework budget for the coming fiscal year.

Shipyard protest targets Lennar, Navy plans for toxic land

Hank Drew and Patricia Decker, The Public Press — Jul 1 2009 - 8:52pm

More than 100 protesters enjoyed a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon in the shadow of one of the most toxic plots of land in California.

Conflicting interests: City unions wage lobbying war to stem cuts

Michael Pistorio, The Public Press — Jul 1 2009 - 4:48pm

San Francisco’s budget fight has swung into high gear, with two heavy weights – public safety and health – sparring over money and launching intensive campaigns to sway public and supervisorial opinion any way they can. While lobbying is typically connoted with big business using money and power to influence legislation – think tobacco, auto and pharmaceutical industries – this season’s coalitions of interest groups include police officers, healthcare workers, firefighters and city attorneys, and all are hitting the streets and City Hall corridors hard to get their message out.

Big cities grow as economic crisis hits

Jul 1 2009 - 4:01pm

By Kirsty Brown
The Public Press

Populations of the largest U.S. cities are on the rise, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

The West Coast, in particular, has seen the highest growth, with Los Angeles topping the "Fastest Growing US Cities" poll.

SF dance group told to stop the music

Jun 30 2009 - 2:51pm

By Patricia Decker
The Public Press

While thousands of revelers were dancing in the streets at Sunday's Gay Pride celebration, a group of swing dancers in Golden Gate Park was told to beat it.

Fast food calorie counting starts Wednesday

Jun 29 2009 - 2:46pm

New efforts to help farmers deal with drought

Jun 29 2009 - 12:09pm

SFMTA approves bike plan, adds 34 miles of new lanes

Kirsty Brown, The Public Press — Jun 26 2009 - 5:40pm

The number of bike lanes is set to nearly double after the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency's board of directors officially gave the long-awaited city bike plan the green light.

Marriage proponents called successors to '60s Stonewall activists

Bethany Fleishman, The Public Press — Jun 26 2009 - 5:07pm

This weekend's Pride celebration will elevate the status of marriage-equality activists to a position of parity in the gay-rights movement with advocates from four decades ago when the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee joins local veterans of the 1969 Stonewall protests to form a new parade contingent called “Stonewall 2.0.”

Supes on: the budget — Cutbacks are fiscal 'armageddon,' Daly says

Hank Drew, The Public Press — Jun 25 2009 - 1:23pm

District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly sat down with the Public Press to discuss the budget crisis, his legislative priorities, Mayor Gavin Newsom’s political agenda and the circumstances surrounding this year's budget.

Mayor restores funding for Tenderloin drop-in center

Kevin Stark, The Public Press — Jun 22 2009 - 4:24pm

In a reprieve for San Francisco mental health services, Mayor Gavin Newsom restored funding to the decades-old Tenderloin Self Help Center, a drop-in counseling and service provider, according to Jackie Jenks, executive director of the parent organization, Central City Hospitality House.

Less busy fire stations revealed in old audit

Jun 22 2009 - 3:34pm

View Less-than-busy SFFD stations in a larger map

Of the 42 fire stations in San Francisco, eight average no more than three calls a day, the Web site SF Appeal reported Monday.

The site based its data on a 2004 Controller's report that said stations around the Twin Peaks area and near the ocean field fewer calls per day than other stations.

Local firefighters have been protesting the Board of Supervisors' effort to block budget increases for their department. One truck with a bullhorn cruised by the Mission Street offices of The Public Press shouting for San Francisco citizens to block the board's actions.

The Board of Supervisors fired back by publishing a survey it funded, that says  San Francisco firefighters work fewer hours than other nearby fire departments and earn the highest hourly wage, at $42.86 per hour, SF Weekly reported Friday.

Atlas reveals AIDS/HIV prevalence rates in San Francisco and nation

Jun 22 2009 - 2:59pm

A new National HIV/AIDS Atlas reveals that San Francisco County has the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the country, according to the National Minority Quality Forum.

The map, launched Monday, marks the first time rates across the country for the disease have been gathered in one place. The launch anticipates National HIV Testing Day, June 27. The CDC estimates that one out of five people living with HIV in the U.S. are unaware of being infected.

This map arrives as the state is considering closing the Office of AIDS to help close the current budget shortfall, The San Francisco Examiner reported June 11. Assembly member Tom Ammiano said these plans could negatively impact the health of California's HIV and AIDS population.

U.S. mayors support gay marriage

Hank Drew, The Public Press — Jun 19 2009 - 3:03pm

The U.S. Conference of Mayors passed a resolution in support of gay marriage, the news blog Sam Spade ( reported Thursday. According to the Equality and Civil Rights for Gay and Lesbian Americans resolution, "... The U.S. Conference of Mayors supports marriage equality for same-sex couples, and the recognition and extension of full equal rights to such unions, including family and medical leave, tax equity, and insurance and retirement benefits, and opposes the enshrinement of discrimination in the federal or state constitutions."

Boxer concerned about Hunter's Point cleanup efforts

Hank Drew, The Public Press — Jun 19 2009 - 2:58pm

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer recently voiced concerns about the U.S. Navy's cleanup efforts of the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in a letter forwarded to The San Francisco Bay Guardian. http:// http//

“As Chair of the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works committee, I am focused on protecting the health and environment of the Bay Area, including the Bayview Hunters Point community,” read Boxer's letter forwarded to the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

Juneteenth festival brings awareness to Bay Area African-American community

Hank Drew, The Public Press — Jun 19 2009 - 12:52pm

The 59th annual San Francisco Juneteenth activities will begin this weekend with a community and media reception event Saturday at 12 p.m. Visit The San Francisco festival is the largest gathering of African-Americans in Northern California and began in the early '50s when Wesley Johnson Sr., once owner of the Texas Playhouse on Fillmore Street, invited all Bay Area African-Americans to celebrate June 19 in his lounge.

S&P lowers California's crediting rating

Jun 17 2009 - 1:39pm

Standard & Poor's has lowered California's credit rating due to the state's unresolved budget deficit, the state politics blog Calitics reported Tuesday.
California's credit rating is the lowest in the U.S., and this move will negatively affect the current budget crisis as interest rates for loans to the state government rise. The state government is currently working close a $24 billion budget gap that has already delivered cuts to education.
This rating also comes at a time when state Democrats are discussing increasing taxes to bridge the deficit, the Associated Press reports. State Republicans have vowed to not support any budget that includes tax hikes.