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Oakland’s community policing program continues to face challenges

Sandhya Dirks, Crosscurrents on KALW Public Radio — Oct 28 2009 - 4:49pm

Officer Clay Burch is one part of the three-pronged approach that makes up Measure Y, in which community police are complemented by street outreach teams. PSOs and outreach teams link young people to the actual programs that help create foundations for a better life. And for Burch, improving Oakland’s toughest neighborhoods happens one building, and one person, at a time.

Pricey recreation center plan splits San Francisco State students

Justin Allen, The Public Press — Oct 23 2009 - 10:45pm

The student paper headline read, "Debate Already Closed." But elsewhere on the San Francisco State University campus, the debate was just beginning, about a proposed $93 million recreation center whose bottom line seems to loom over the conversation about deep curriculum cutbacks this fall.

Students gathered Thursday in the Cesar Chavez student center for a teach-in organized by the Coalition Against the Rec Center, a group of students opposing the construction of a Recreation and Wellness Center. But the proposal has divided opinion on campus, with the president of the largest student group, which strongly backs the plan, declaring, "The project will never die."

Craigslist founder rejects link between site, crimes

Stephen Robert Morse, The Public Press — Oct 21 2009 - 10:03pm

Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, said he does not believe his Web site is to blame for crimes committed by those who use the Internet to lure their victims.

“People might use our site, much like they might use the phone, or a car, or the roads, and I can’t find a reason for any of us to feel guilty about it,” Newmark said during a wide-ranging interview with the Public Press’ Stephen Robert Morse.

Special sign district on SF’s Mid-Market faces ‘uphill battle’

Marjorie Beggs, Central City Extra — Oct 16 2009 - 3:39pm

Warfield Building owner David Addington said he spent several years, working to bring general advertising back on Market Street from Fifth to Seventh streets, in hopes of returning the central city stretch to its former glory days as a theater district.

Although his enthusiasm for the special district hasn’t dimmed, a sense of reality has crept in as opposition to the initiative, Proposition D, mounts.

Half reviewed signs are ‘illegal’

Central City Extra — Oct 16 2009 - 2:04pm

Planning Department Ombudsman Dan Sider probably knows more about billboards than anyone in the city.

In ‘Deep East’ Oakland, youths pegged as criminals say police harassment spurs more violence

Crosscurrents on KALW Public Radio — Oct 7 2009 - 4:39pm

For many, the police are here to serve and protect. The men and women in blue are those we call when we’re in trouble. And no part of Oakland is more in need of policing than the streets between the East 70s avenues and the East 100s avenues — stretching from the base of the hills to the bottom of the flatlands — or what residents call the “Deep East.” It is where over one-third of the city’s 124 homicides occurred last year. But many of the youths living on these dangerous streets don’t welcome the police as protectors — they consider them the enemy.

Campos coalition set to overturn Newsom’s juvenile immigration policy

Howard Vicini, The Public Press — Oct 6 2009 - 1:54pm

San Francisco is poised to overturn a policy, set by the mayor last year, that lets police turn over to immigration authorities minors who are suspected of felonies.

546 city workers get layoff notices, but many will be rehired, paid less

Kevin Stark, Oct 1 2009 - 12:57pm

The city has sent layoff notices to 546 health and clerical workers, but that doesn't mean the public payroll will shrink by 546 jobs come mid-November. City officials are still deciding how many workers will be reclassified and then rehired at lower pay. The SEIU claims Mayor Gavin Newsom has reneged on a deal to save all the jobs.

UCSF offers furloughed employees little help via ‘hardship loans’

Christi Morales, The Public Press — Sep 30 2009 - 4:50pm

To help employees suffering "additional financial stress" from pay cuts and furloughs, the University of California-San Francisco is letting workers borrow their lost wages and repay the money -- with interest.

But employees hoping to tap a UCSF emergency loan fund for help paying rent or bills are out of luck. These don't count as "an unplanned emergency situation."

Hellman's new nonprofit newsroom sparks hope

Kevin Stark, The Public Press — Sep 24 2009 - 7:25pm

Warren Hellman, a San Francisco financier, had planned to announce his intention to launch a well funded nonprofit Bay Area news organization — until someone else broke the news.

Hellman and partners to launch Bay Area newsroom

Steve Jones, San Francisco Bay Guardian — Sep 24 2009 - 3:09pm

San Francisco Bay Guardian
San Francisco financier Warren Hellman – in partnership with KQED, the UC Berkeley School of Journalism and perhaps even the New York Times – is about to launch a nonprofit, locally focused, online news organization with a medium-sized newsroom of full-time journalists, Hellman has confirmed to the Guardian.

SF leaders float drink fee to help balance budget

Bethany Fleishman and Michael Pistorio, The Public Press — Sep 18 2009 - 11:22am

San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos is crafting a proposal that would place a fee on alcohol sold in the city, potentially raising $25 million to $35 million annually to help pay for alcohol-related public health and criminal justice costs.

San Francisco layoffs disproportionately hit women and minorities, workers assert

Kevin Stark, The Public Press — Sep 17 2009 - 2:39pm

As the city shrinks its payroll, sending layoff notices to certified nursing assistants and clerical staff, it is touching off accusations from organized labor that officials are discriminating against women and minority workers.

State cuts set to slam San Francisco's seniors, poor

Christopher D. Cook, The Public Press — Sep 16 2009 - 5:53pm

Already reeling from a deep recession and massive cuts to staff and services in this year’s budget, San Francisco is being hammered by a new tidal wave of state cuts -- estimated at $26.5 million -- which could put low-income seniors and others on the brink of homelessness and hunger, many advocates say.

Supes on: the budget -- Mar advocates ‘a people’s budget’

Patricia Decker, The Public Press — Sep 10 2009 - 3:40pm
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Although San Francisco’s city budget was passed in July, District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar says he believes taking a more fundamental process to passing it is in order.

He advocates having "a people's budget," in which the process would solicit more grassroots involvement at "the early levels as opposed to where you have people rallying and begging at the last minute ... when they can't have as much of an impact on the budget."

UC employees cast ‘no-confidence’ vote in Yudof

Christi Morales, The Public Press — Sep 3 2009 - 5:59pm

Union employees at the University of California gave an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the leadership of UC President Mark Yudof, election organizers said Thursday.

Hundreds rally for health care reform at San Francisco City Hall

Jon Kawamoto, Sep 3 2009 - 4:33pm

Hundreds of Bay Area residents -- from youngsters to seniors -- gathered at San Francisco's City Hall Wednesday to begin the final push for a campaign for national health care reform.

The crowd included physicians, as well as members of labor, Organizing for America, MoveOn, Code Pink, ACORN, Health Care for America Now and residents including former San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin, the current chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party.

Art gallery raises money for local underground comix legend

Samantha McGirr and Jessica Wertheim, The Public Press — Aug 26 2009 - 2:28pm

S. Clay Wilson, a longtime fixture on the San Francisco underground comix scene who sustained a traumatic head injury last year, was honored at the close of “The Cresting Wave: The San Francisco Underground Comix Experience” exhibition in San Francisco Sunday evening.

Public Press/KALW budget roundtable examines city’s fiscal crisis

Christopher D. Cook, The Public Press — Aug 24 2009 - 10:04pm

The Public Press and KALW (91.7 FM) teamed up for a budget roundtable that aired Aug. 17 on the “Crosscurrents” news program. A panel of local experts offered a lively and informative on-the-air discussion about San Francisco’s budget crisis and its impacts on residents and communities.

San Francisco officials concerned about possible Census undercount

Patricia Decker, The Public Press — Aug 21 2009 - 3:41pm

As the U.S. Census Bureau gears up for the 2010 count, it has made a significant change in how it engages immigrants -- this is causing some city officials concern that San Francisco may lose out on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding, which in turn may lead to distorted electoral representation.