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Community divided on changing liquor license ban in Mission

Mission Local
 — May 14 2012 - 3:51pm

At a recent meeting, it became clear that the Mission District is split on possible changes to the neighborhood’s liquor license moratorium. Supervisor David Campos promised to hold other public meetings before he agrees to any amendments, he said.

“The question that I have is are we OK with the way it is?” Campos asked a crowd of approximately 30 people recently gathered to discuss possible changes to an 18-year-old liquor license ban.

Yes, three people in the audience quickly answered.

“I would like to get more info about statistics that put it into place,” someone in the audience said.

Business owners were all in favor of more alcohol and more ease in selling it. Having a full bar is the only way small businesses can compete with new establishments moving into the Mission. The moratorium makes it difficult for businesses to buy a liquor license, they said.

“You cannot stay in business only selling food,” a business owner said.

“What do we do to survive as a mom-and-pop when people don’t come in to buy sweets anymore?” another business owner asked. “If we didn’t own a bar in District 8, we wouldn’t survive.”

But many residents felt differently. “We’re being flooded with alcohol,” said one. “How will this change improve public health?”

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