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Saving the UC — but at what cost?

KALW Crosscurrents
 — Oct 17 2011 - 11:46am

In the University of California system, officials are considering raising fees as much as 16 percent a year through 2015. To learn more about what this means for students, and for public education in California, KALW’s Holly Kernan spoke with UC’s student liaison to the Regents, Jonathan Stein. Stein is a graduate student in public policy and law at UC Berkeley, and he’s one of two students represented in the University’s decision-making body.

"The budget crisis that the UC is in today is not just the product of a short-term economic recession that is affecting the state budget. It’s actually the product of a long-term divestment from the state of California exacerbated by a short-term economic recession," said Stein.

To illustrate his point, Stein said that in 1985, prisons and higher education were on equal ground for state funding, with each receiving about  6 percent of the budget. Now, prisons receive 12 percent of the budget while UC is down to 3 percent.

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