Signs of the Season: From Crab Pot to Stovetop, Dungeness Crabs Arrive

By Jackson Karlenzig, Bay Nature 

Thanksgiving time marks the start of one of the most exciting sustainable, local food events of the year: Dungeness crab season.

This year’s crabbing is expected to be lower than average, due to natural cycles in the crab population. But that hasn’t stopped fishermen like Don Murch of Bolinas from loading up his boat with crab pots and heading out into the cool waters of the Pacific. His catch of succulent crab is a reminder of the bounty of Northern California’s marine ecosystem.

“We usually go out around 3 miles,” Murch said. “This year Dungeness have been somewhat scarce north of the Golden Gate, but there are reports of more to the south. I like to crab off Bolinas, but we may venture south if there isn’t a good catch.”

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